Omrop Fryslân

Omrop Fryslân, the regional broadcaster of Friesland, has been using Petear for a number of years.

Executive secretary Hiltsje Stremler explains how Petear saves her time and she mentions another nice advantage: “It is tidier at the conference table. That looks neater and gives peace of mind.” “I prepare the meeting of our Management Team every week and write the minutes in the meeting. Previously it was a matter of collecting pieces together every week, I then made a complete folder and copied it for each participant. In the meeting it was often a search. Lots of loose papers, not everyone always had the same document in front of them.”

“This is peanuts compared to the copy work every week”

“Now I create a meeting in Petear, I add the participants, I create agenda items that I can also put in a fixed template - useful for recurring items - and I add the documents to the agenda items. I can authorize participants to add documents themselves. This saves time and a lot of email exchange. This is peanuts compared to the copy work every week. And everyone now has all the same pieces at hand.”

Added with a click, even during the meeting

“With a meeting that you have every week, documents are always ready at the last minute. A financial status, the latest viewing or listening figures, visitor numbers on our online media, or personnel overviews. Previously, that was still a lot of printing and adding to the document folder on Monday morning. Now it's added in Petear with a click, even during the meeting.”

“Participants sit in the meeting with a laptop or tablet. That is much neater. It is tidy at the table and that gives peace of mind. Someone who wants to highlight something streams the document to the screen in the meeting room and tells his story. Digital meetings also save a mountain of paperwork. The fact that we avoid a possible data breach with Petear is a nice additional advantage. Printed papers tend to get thrown around more quickly, or accidentally end up where they don't belong. Some pieces you just prefer not to have on the street, and that has been solved nicely with Petear.”

Hiltsje Stremler
Executive secretary

“Some pieces you just prefer not to have on the street, and that is solved nicely with Petear”