Paperless meetings have never been this easy with Petear

Even when working from home

Working from home

Organise at a glance

Focus only on important things

Safe and secure

Carefree meetings in a secured environment

Paperless is better

Mother earth and your wallet will be grateful

Petear is ISO certified!

Petear is ISO 27001 / NEN 7510 certified. What does this mean? We handle our clients information properly and securely and we have demonstrated in practice that we do so.

ISO 27001 CertificeringNEN 7510 Certificering

You can always count on Petear paperless meetings

Paperless meetings

Compatible with any device

Petear can be used on almost any device. On a Galaxy Tab, a laptop, iPad, or a desktop computer the choice is yours. Petear paperless meetings can be accessed through a browser, this makes Petear unique. No hassle with downloading apps.

Cost saving

Did you know that 15 packs of paper equal 1 tree? An average company will use quite some trees per meeting! But you won’t with Petear paperless meetings, that cuts costs. Not to mention printing and postage.

Up to date

With Petear you can easily adjust everything: Any change at any time, before or during a meeting. In this way you always have the correct information, agenda and meeting documents at hand.


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Save costs with Petear

Meetings are of course necessary, without good communication every organisation gets stuck. But nobody wants unnecessary costs, by working with paperless meetings you can save a lot of money!

Petear’s software is complete and easy to use