The NVZA supports hospital pharmacists in their professional and social responsibility.

The Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacists (NVZA) is one of our Petear users. The task of the NVZA is to support pharmacists of the hospital in their professional and social responsibility to ensure optimal pharmaceutical specialist care for patients.

Ease of use and price

Since this year, the team consisting of 8 employees has been using Petear. One of the users is executive secretary Jantina Bouwman. She was closely involved in the decision-making process. “Before using Petear, the files were put in a folder for the board on the intranet of the NVZA (Connect). A separate annotated agenda was made for the chairman.” A number of employees had already held digital meetings in the past, which was also the reason for looking for an opportunity to introduce this to the NVZA as well. “We were looking for a system comparable to i-Babs, because some users had good experiences with it in the past. In the decision-making, attention was paid to ease of use and price, among other things.”

Notes ready at the end of the meeting

The team is now working with Petear and they are especially satisfied with the ease of use. “In short, an explanation can be given of what is expected of the board. As a secretary, I find it a lot easier to make notes, because you see what is asked of the board for every meeting document and you have the documents ready at the same time. You will have the notes ready at the end of the meeting. You can easily create action and decision lists.” says Jantina Bouwman.


Jantina Bouwman
Executive secretary

Efficient vergaderen